The Sylvère Lotringer book BURROUGHS LIVE contains two Burroughs interviews by Jürgen Ploog: #39 and #74.

#39 was done in New York in December 1977, and this interview has been published in the german rock magazine SOUNDS, spring 1978.

#74 was in fact conducted in Berlin – and not in New York like it says in the LIVE book dateline – after the Burroughs reading which Klaus Maeck of Freibank, Hamburg, presented at the sold-out Filmkunst 66 cinema in Berlin, in May 1986. This obviously has been the last public Burroughs performance in Europe; in fact it took place only a few days after the Tshernobyl desaster. In his reading, Burroughs had his own acerbic comments about nuclear science ("Let me ask you one question, Doctor: You want your daughter born with two cunts?"). Both the reading and Ploog's interview have been documented in the video COMMISSIONER OF SEWERS, by Klaus Maeck (cf. flyer on the left).
Germany's TEMPO magazine wanted to buy Ploog's Burroughs interview, but declined when a german translation couldn't be arranged in a matter of hours, for their very next issue. A german translation was later published in KOZMIK BLUES magazine in 1991.

The photo on the far left shows Mr. Ploog and Mr. Burroughs at the NYC bunker, in 1981 (courtesy Roswitha Hecke).